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The Auric Egg

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12/29/2010 3:25:22 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
It seems the instruments on the Voyager 1 probe that were measuring the "solar wind" as it travelled out from earth have now detected a change in direction. Instead of being propelled outward with the craft they are now moving sideways.

Experts say:
"Beyond the planetary zone lies the Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt, and then a zone of strengthened magnetic field known as the Heliosheath. This boundary encases the entire solar system like an immense, invisible egg."

In the most Ancient Teachings - pre-biblical etc., Solar Systems, Galaxies and even Atoms, were called 'Auric Eggs'. The outer perimeter or magnetic shell of these 'Eggs' being called the 'Ring pass not'. It is taught that the Sun's vital power after emanation (now called the ‘solar wind') circulates within the Egg and returns back to itself - this Vital Force being imaged as a Serpent and called Fohat - corresponding to the Heart and blood circulation. There is nothing new under the Sun it seems!

An explanation for laymen was kindly provided by a friend which is of some interest. In answer to the question:

"I presume that 'Termination Shock' and ‘Heliopause' means the shock of Voyager 1 passing through some barrier or 'shell'?" To which he answered:

"Sort of. There's a flux of high energy particles streaming out from the Sun, it's called the Solar wind. We see the solar wind in action when it manages to slip past our magnetic field and spiral down, causing the Aurora Borealis.
Out in deep space, there's all sorts of high energy particles flowing around, plus the average of 10 hydrogen atoms per cubic centimetre. This is called the Interstellar Medium.
However, the further away from the Sun you go, the weaker the solar wind and magnetic field get, and the slower it moves.
At approximately twice the distance of Pluto, the solar wind slows down to subsonic speed (with respect to the star) due to interactions with the local interstellar medium. This causes compression, heating, and a change in the magnetic field.
This equates to a shock wave, exactly the same as a bow wave or sonic boom, and is called the Termination Shock.
After the Termination shock comes the Heliopause, where now very slow and weak solar wind particles are stopped by the interstellar medium - where the solar wind's strength is no longer great enough to push back the stellar winds of the surrounding stars. Voyager 1 reached the Heliopause in late 2010.
There's great debate what comes next. Voyager 2 will settle the argument whether the Hydrogen Wall exists or not. This is a proposed wall of compressed hydrogen, pushed up to the Heliopause by the interstellar medium and heated by the solar wind.
After that is the Bow Shock, where the energy and pressure of the Interstellar medium prevails over the solar wind. Once you are past the Bow Shock, you are into true Interstellar Space".