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The millennium-an era of disaster.

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3/17/2011 10:28:08 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
Since the Millennium arrived, it has been AWFUL. It began with George Bush stealing the Presidential election. Soon afterwards, we had our first recession, that resulted in a jobless recovery. Then, there was 911, and the whittling away of our freedoms as Americans, courtesy of the Bush administration.

To make matters worse, Bush stole yet ANOTHER election, in 2004! Bush initiated TWO wars in the Middle East, under false pretenses (the lies about 'weapons of mass destruction). We have spent close to 700 Billion on these wars, which have been a colossal drain, on our weak economy!

And we can't forget the worst economic crash since the Great Depression, that descended on us in '08. More people than ever, have lost their jobs. And long-term unemployment, is at record levels. This most recent economic downturn has wrought incredible devastation on people's lives, all over the world. To ad insult to injury, the government spent over 800 Billion to bail out the banks and Wall Street, both of which orchestrated the economic meltdown!

And then there were the natural disasters! Katrina was the mother of all hurricanes. The US has also had unprecedented devastation, from tornadoes, even in the dead of winter, since the Millennium began.

Speaking of winter, this past winter will go down in history, as the worst for the entire US. We've suffered through record-breaking amounts of snow and cold, even in the SOUTH. Not to mention flooding rains on the West coast, parts of the Midwest, and the Northeast. Global warming is getting worse too.

And last, but most definitely not least, we had the mega earthquake in Haiti last year, and the SUPER quake in Japan recently. Then the incredible Tsunami followed in its wake, causing unbelievable amounts of destruction. And to top it all of, now the nuclear power plants in Japan are leaking, due to explosions. Which have released toxic radiation in the atmosphere, in Japan.

In modern history, has the world ever been in such bad shape, as it has been since the start of the Millennium???