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PETA is irrational

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8/23/2011 8:28:43 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
I hold that radical animal rights groups such as PETA have no basis in reality. The concept of 'humane' treatment is really based on the subconscious realization that humans are superior. Have you ever heard of dolphins getting together to promote "dolphinish" treatment of other species, or sharks becoming vegetarians! No, it is because humans have unique intelligence and emotion that they feel a social responsibility towards other species. Let's examine the two basic world-views. Theistic religion tends to believe that God has created man in a special situation with the responsibility to use the resources. Atheistic Darwinists really have no reason to care, because if humans are nothing more that highly developed animals, we have no reason to behave differently from the rest of the natural world -- eat or be eaten, natural selection, etc. So theists can use the resources, and atheists have no reason to care. Thus there is no basic philosophical or logical reason for radical animal rights groups like PETA