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My official Hamburger Restaurants Reviews

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9/15/2011 12:21:41 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
After spending the past few weeks eating Hamburgers in both fast food and fresh food places, I will rate different hamburger places:

8) Carl's Jr = D
The absolute worst restaurant ever! It is grimy and dirty everywhere and the staff doesn't bother to clean it. If you ask for water, you always get a little plastic cup. The soda fountain doesn't work half the time. The bathrooms are usually out of order. Even if they work, you need to insert a quarter to get in there. Upside is that napkins are provided on every table.

The food quite frankly sucks. Don't order anything with meat in it because it has the frozen and thawed flavor. The buns are soggy with mustard and ketchup. This is truly the worst place to get a hamburger.

7) Jack-in-the-box = C
This varies a lot from place to place. There was one place that was relatively good, and had an automatic ordering machine where you could specify if you wanted extra tomatoes etc. The fact remains that the meat tastes somewhat stale. The breakfast menu however is served all day and is tastes fresh. The bathrooms run out of paper quite often so that is a downside.

6) Burger King = B
The whopper is good. What really sets BK apart is the long sub-like sandwiches which are hard to replicate in any other store.

5) Wendy's = B
Cleanliness is moderate as is the bathroom. Staff is friendly.

Wendy's claims that their burgers are juicy and it is true. But the fact remains that they don't feel fresh. It is borderline between fresh and frozen, the fries are moderately good at best.

4) Popeye's = B+
The food alone is enough to give popeye's an A. I am conflicted. The service is horrible. The staff gives you napkins one by freaking one and you have to keep asking. I got so sick of it, I asked "can you please give me 17 napkins and tell your manager that unless he/she puts the napkins where everyone can take them, he/she will lose my business."

The chicken sandwiches are the stuff of legend. Their frying method should be copied by everyone because it is the best I've seen.

3) Farmer Boys = A
Restaurant is clean and can be classified almost as casual as opposed to fast food. Downside is that service is slow. The bathroom requires a KEY. Now who wants to touch a dirty key after washing your hands? Soda machine is behind the counter, so that is a huge hassle.

Biggest plus is the food itself. The Classic Double comes with double 1/8 pound meat and double cheese, is fresh juicy and makes you want to come back for more. They once gave me hard bread, but that was an exception.

2) McDonalds = A
McDonalds at least the one close to where I live is surprisingly clean and is open 24 hours. Their breakfast menu has great value. They even give a regular cup if you ask for a water cup so you can fill it with soda :) The bathrooms are open to all, and are well stocked with paper towels.

The BigMac is of course not fresh, neither are the other burgers, but they taste surprisingly good for fast food. Chicken nuggets are crispy golden brown and taste absolutely great. The employees are friendly as well. McDonalds's bad rap is undeserved. It is truly the classic fast food restaurant.

1) In-N-Out = A+
The best. Without a doubt. The staff will make anything you want. Extra tomatoes, extra onions, its all free. As many napkins and ketchup as you want as well. The restroom is free for all, clean and amply stocked with automatic paper towel dispensers that give you a huge amount of paper each time you stick your hand in there.

The actual burger is freshly made, juicy, full of sauce, tomatoes and whatever else you asked for. Absolutely amazing. Prices are low for the actual burger. Only downside, Animal style fries cost over 3 dollars and you can't make it a meal. So stick with regular fries if you are on a budget. Another downside is that the soda does not taste good at all for some reason.

What are your thoughts? Which ones do you like best? Does anyone agree/disagree with my rating? Does anybody have advice on how to write better reviews for that matter?

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9/15/2011 1:26:40 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
Five guys is my favorite. The foodnis delicious and the fries are deep fried in peanut oil (warning t those allergic to peanuts!) and they also gave ample napkins.

The burgers are big and quite delicious. They're made when you order them so you never worry about how long it has been there.
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