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Consent Laws and Marriage

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3/30/2012 9:46:42 PM
Posted: 5 years ago
I've had a few thoughts in these past few days, which was an incredible experience, and I came up with an idea about why divorce rates are out of control and marriage rates are down. And it all stems from...


You see, I have a little half-a**ed theory about how men and women operate and why society organizes people into family units. I figured, "Hey! You know, I like teenage girls. Which seems appropriate, being a teenager and all. But I can't imagine I will ever grow out of such desires. When I was little, I didn't like little girls my age. I liked high school girls, because they were wonderful to look at." And this led me to recall those stories that have been propagated by both the media and teenage girls about these 30-40 year old men hitting on them (16 year old girls) at the beach or in cafes and the like. This, to me, confirms my analysis; Men consider teenage girls to be downright gorgeous!

But I usually don't see older men walking around with me peers, so I thought "Whats this?" Apparently, the Law has taken its big roll of red tape and wrapped it around teenager's sexual organs so tight that only other teenagers can get in. More formally, it is illegal in most states (or all?) for minors to have sex with anyone who is above the age of 18. Why would the government do such a thing to older men! They are being physically deprived of pleasures that are so readily available to them, as young men such as myself are too darn afraid to go near these beautiful women!

Apparently, or so as the feminists tell us, these laws are here to protect young women from having their badoozle from being badoozled by manipulative older gentlemen. But this is stupid. If history has shown us anything, it is that Men are willing to sacrifice their moral virginity, sexual health, fortunes, and social status just to get a piece of nice tail. I doubt the law is going to stop this activity, but rather make it an under the radar thing, like illegal drugs. So what could possibly happen if we removed consent laws?

Well, first there would probably be a lot more older men living near my highschool. But I don't mind! I find that older gentlemen have a lot more intelligence to spread around than the usual drug culture that dominates the streets surrounding our schools. And also, high school boys would likely have a dramatic increase in sexual competition, refining the suaveness of a few, but mostly keeping high school guys out of the teenage sex market for a while longer.

So a decade passes, and now abstinence for young women is almost a mystery, young men are much more inclined to their school work (as sexual distractions will go down), and older gentlemen have a hobby that keeps them occupied and not depressed; banging young girls.

Now, I hear all of you thinking "What about marriage? This doesn't seem like a very good move if we want to encourage society to organize itself within family units." But I'm getting there. After a decade or two, perhaps, young girls or the parents there of will realize that what they have to offer older men is valuable, and worth way more than the comfortableness that is achieved when inside a relationship. "Perhaps, maybe, we can guarantee our daughters financial life and the likely hood of passing our genetic code down a few more generations," parents will think. So instead of mere dating, the practice of sleeping with young women will evolve into the much more society friendly system of courting, where parents decide if a suitor is capable enough to marry their daughter.

Young women, then, would leave school at the ages of 14-18, probably still virgins, to become the wife of some financially well of man who is really horny and/or wants children. And divorce rates would decrease; as a man who has been divorced has demonstrated he does not intend to care for his wife for life, and women will be financially unable to preserve the quality of life they had on their own, due to lack of any formal education.

So lets review what I think will happen:

Older men (high 20's-early 40's) would be able to get sex with hot young women.
Young women (13-20) would remain abstinent, and be in good financial situations.
Parents (15-30 years older than young women) would rest easy knowing their daughter isn't a slut and their genes will be passed on.
Society (everyone) will benefit, as more people will become arranged into family units and we would have less broken homes!

Everybody wins!

I really do believe consent laws are one of the most devastating things to the sexual morality of our society. That and post-pubescent public schooling, but that is a discussion for another time.
"[Society] has no vested interest in continuing to exist." -RP