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Germans hate Germanic people

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10/10/2013 9:38:21 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
And therefore have more in common with France and Spain and Italy.
That's right. I said it. I have proof. In a 1988 televised episode of the Morton Downey Show, Tom Metzger, a neo-Nazi (and sometimes I think the whole "him being a KKK member" is bulls--t, though his son, with his hateful attitudes towards tomboys and autistic people, and having English ancestry, unlike Metzger who is fully German, is more a Klansman) made an appearance. He said, "How come the state of Israel is allied with South Africa if you love the blacks so much? If you love the blacks so much, how about being allied with South Africa!?"
Yup, confirms my suspicion that the Nazis and KKK are different. South Africa was Dutch by the way.