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Tracking Devices and Transcendence

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2/21/2014 9:42:29 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
I recently read a fascinating book called beast tech, which talks about how the government is constantly pushing for implantable devices that can track and monitor our every move and the insatiable thirst of the scientific community (namely transhumanist) to transcend humans beyond their normal capabilities. If you want to pick it up, just know that most of the conclusions the authors reach are based in Christian eschatology but it is still an informative book with cited sources.

Is it not plausible that the government could mandate that every one receive an implantable chip under the pretense of convenience. How willing are you to accept any type of technology (like RFID chips, scannable tattoos or biochips) that must be inserted into your body. How will you react, hypothetically if everyone is "transcending their kids" with biochips that can potentially rewrite their DNA, turning them into something beyond a human, and neglecting them this would be seen as child abuse.