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Interracial Marriage/Dating Disparity

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3/15/2014 10:02:50 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Why does this exist in the U.S.?

The disparity is primarily focused on the uneven balance of Black men and women (Black men outnumbering Black women marrying/dating outside of their race); and Asian men and women (Asian women outnumbering Asian men marrying/dating outside of their race).

This thread is sort of a counter view of the thread dealing with interracial marriage being okay, because it brings up the issue of individuals who may hold certain prejudices against the opposite gender of their own race, or sexually exploiting another race (i.e., a racial fetish), and everyone assuming that it's okay because there is interracial interaction going on.

One of the obvious contributors to this disparity of course is the American media which helps, if not creates, stereotypes. One of the more horrific examples of this is the implication of Asian males being sexually inferior. It's treated as sort of a casual joke, but I think the effects of the stereotype far exceed what people may assume.