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Maggie Gallagher and Marriage Equality

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5/2/2014 3:12:01 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
In her latest blog post, Maggie Gallagher (vociferous opponent to marriage equality) writes the following:

Link to article:

Gallagher's call to action...

What I am advocating doing is three very big, and very hard things: a) accepting where we are and b) learning from what we did not succeed in so that we can get to c) how do we build anew?

Her understated, but clear suggestion that those who oppose marriage equality are coming under attack, victimized by the modern world...

Right now most people who believe in the classic understanding of marriage are in shock, they are awed by the powers now shutting down the debate and by our ineffectualness at responding to these developments.

But she's above all of that craziness...

The temptation to shout and yell and stamp our feet in ineffectual ridiculousness is understandable, but it is to be resisted.

And proffers a wistful lamentation of being left behind in the annals of a darker time... Oh, and she's very sure to implicitly frame this as an issue of religious liberty and not prima facia bigotry.

The version of America we were born into is no more. For the first time in American history being a faithful Christian (or Jew or Muslim) now calls into question in the public square in a new way one"s good citizenship.

Oh, how the religious right has been persecuted... let's all come together, hold hands and reflect on how hard life is for THEM. But forget the f@gs... their plight is inconsequential in comparison to that of the religious right.

I headlined this essay "Cooper, Mozilla, and Arizona" because each of these recent public news events highlights one feature of the challenge before us, and what we need to build to respond.

Let's complain more about being left behind by civilization... can't get enough of that.

The rapid collapse of opposition to gay marriage we are witnessing did not just happen, and it was not inevitable. But it is.

And let's reinforce her earlier reframing the debate from one of tolerance v. intolerance to religious liberty v. persecution. Even though the battle is lost, might as well go down swinging!

The question now on the table is: will orthodox Christianity (and other traditional faiths), be stigmatized and marginalized as the equivalent of racism in the American public square? Will Biblical morality be wiped out as an acceptable public position in America?

And let's be sure to imply that the future is bleak...

Or will we regroup, rebuild as a subculture, and survive to become the possibility of a new foundation in the future?

By "love" she means, "persecuting the LGBT community under the auspices of religious freedom."

Hiding or pretending is not going to help us, now. We have to face the truth. And we have to find the Love at its heart.

But they're not giving up! Hell no! This is too serious!

And we will have to do new things, not simply do what failed, over and over again, harder... [because] I would say this, even though I do not see how someone faithful to the Biblical or the natural law underlying it, can host a gay wedding....we cannot let the "system" overwhelm the human person.

How will society ever survive?

we are all struggling with how to respond to the new moral order implied and reified by gay marriage.

But, hey... at least she'd love her gay kid. That's something, right? (I think she's full of sh!t, and is saying this not to give the total impression that she's become a completely callous b!tch for having been on the wrong side of this sociocultural dialogue that's been going on since Stonewall.)

But I accepted that the facts are irrelevant. I could have a gay child. Anyone could have a gay child. Other people I know have gay children. Our children are beloved and yet do not necessarily put together the world the way we would have them. We have to love them anyway, across all the gaps....A movement able to withstand what is coming will have to face the Love problem first. Anything we say, anything we believe, we are going to have to be willing to say it not only with a generic gay person in the room, but as if to a beloved gay child.

But that's conditional...

There is a lot of hard cultural, intellectual, moral, and spiritual work to be done on how to combine Love and Truth.

So, now that we've tactfully tried to dissipate the impression that bigots can love people too... let's get to the heart of the matter.

Next, Brendan Eich and Mozilla. Here we face the fist within the velvet glove"one of the few public instances of what is happening all over America. People are afraid to say this: "marriage is the union of husband and wife, because kids need a mother and a father." They are afraid and they are falling silent.

Oh, the injustice!!!

A week after Brendan Eich resigned we learned from Angela McGaskill"s case, that Gaulladet University, a university for the deaf chartered by the federal government, can in fact demote her for nothing more than putting her name to a petition putting the gay marriage question before the voters of Maryland.

But Maggie saw it coming!

This is not news to me. I know many cases public and private of people facing job loss for opposing gay marriage and I know the threat of this is shutting down even more good people. This is not because they are cowards.

And the waters are rising!

We live in an America in which standing up for Biblical morality (or its common sense moral analog) puts your employment in jeopardy. How will we respond to the fear this inspires?

And the right has to fight back!

To win a space for us at the American table, we are going to need to invest large amounts of money in new and directly political institution"organizations capable of unelecting those who would shut us out, and those capable of rewarding the courage of those who agree with us.


The article goes on... but it's inconsequential. I still cannot believe Andrew Sullivan wrote what he did.