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Immigration and cultural identities

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5/21/2014 11:18:12 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
I'm interested in knowing about others' views regarding the upholding of cultural integrity within countries like France, Italy, Spain, Japan, China, etc. where there remains a distinct identity. (e.g. France speaks French, separation of church and state, etc).

Would you allow less strict immigration laws if you represented one of these countries? The USA is an example that cannot be used, for obvious reasons. Immigration law severity is dependent on state conditions to be adhered by all incoming immigrants. So, technically a state could allow a huge number of immigrants but they are all subject to the conditions set by the host country (i.e., you must accept this, do that, etc).

For example: What do you think about adding a secondary language for a country like France and Italy where their official language is a major trait of the country. Since the Muslim population is rising in Euro countries (like England and France), should governments recognize Arabic to accommodate them (making Arabic an official language)?

Everything here, I guess, is dependent on how one values culture, and here's my take on this:
I think that it's important for a country to have an identity. I respect the differences in cultures and I think that keeping a culture shows the most respect, rather than mixing cultures.

In order to help give reason to support my above standing, I allude to the issue of interracial/intercultural marriage. I respect races and cultures. We talk about interracial marriage and discuss how it shows mutual understanding and respect for the other kind of person when we interbreed. You may say that because you would find no problem marrying into another race/culture that you accept and respect another culture, but because I respect and accept the culture, I think it is necessary to preserve the culture; so, I will not mix, as that, to me, is a signal for a disregard of culture. If you have a disregard for your partner's identity, how can you say that you respect it?

Also, another reason I find it necessary to keep from intermixing is because *true* understanding/respect of something is when you can look at something else and accept the differences while maintaining your own self. In other words, coexisting is harder to do and therefore a higher achievement for humanity.

America is the prime example of the progress made toward "mutual understanding" and coexisting. It is a melting pot of cultures - that is American culture as it is a land of immigrants. Yes, there are couples from different backgrounds who get together. Fine, whatever. What i'm looking at is the fact that we're a country of immigrants and so a country that boasts diversity. And the fact that we are able to coexist with all the different kinds of backgrounds we all come from (though not yet perfectly of course) is a much bigger accomplishment in and of itself. We are able to respect each individual's culture and at the same time allow each individual to be different.

Concerning the culturally distinct countries: the American individuals with their respective cultures all have their homelands, or countries of origin which of course are host to the held culture of said individual. If that individual can have his identity respected, then those countries of origin should therefore also have their identity respected. So, you can immigrate but should adopt the culture you are immigrating to. That includes adopting the language. Therefore, a rising Muslim population in, say France, should only mean that all those Muslims should learn French.