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America is Irreconcilable

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6/5/2014 2:10:28 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Not counting moderates and the many people who don't give a *expletive* about politics, America is divided into two camps. These two camps are, obviously, Liberals and Conservatives.

Let me get one thing clear: they cannot coexist. Both camps, as long as they exist, will continue to pull at America. You cannot have a neutral America, as neither group will be satisfied with this.
People reading this may object. Haven't Liberals and Conservatives been coexisting for over a century now?
Well, it's true that Liberals and Conservatives have gone 150 years without literally killing each other. But still, what's going on now is not coexistence. There is a game of tug of war going on, and people on both sides often play dirty. Also, it is clear that the Liberals are winning this tug of war.
So, Liberals are winning this nonviolent struggle to shape America. And many Conservatives are increasingly unhappy about this.

Oh, and just in case some Liberals think that Conservatives are making a mountain out of a molehill or that they're just throwing a tantrum, be rest assured that you'd be pretty unhappy too if you saw America going in an increasingly Conservative direction for several decades now.

Anyhow, either side pointing at the other side and saying "This is your fault" will only serve to ignite a pointless and quite nasty flame war on this thread. Let's not do that here.

So, America is growing increasingly Liberal. Conservatives will either die out (in a few decades) or eventually lash out with a fury not seen since AD 1861.
Don't forget that slavery and freedom were irreconcilable, despite wishful thinking to the contrary.
Of course, Conservatives today are not trying to bring back slavery. But the Civil War era example is still valid.

Here's Solution A: Get rid of one side so that there is no more struggle. But which side do you get rid of? How do you decide? Just because you're absolutely sure your side is right doesn't mean it is, so do you really have a right to wipe out one group, either through violent means or through one-sided education?
And also, neither side is completely wrong. In Europe there were once bloated Liberal Nanny states. And of course, Martin Luther King's work was Liberal in nature (at least according to his day's standards).
Here's Solution B: Separate the Liberals and Conservatives, presumably into two different nations. But would this work? There are few places in the United States which are 100% Liberal and 100% Conservative. The end result would be a very confusing map of the United States.
Here's Solution C: Try to draw both sides back to the Middle. But to do this you'd also have to eliminate many, many Liberal policies which are currently in place. And to say they'd be upset about this would be the understatement of the century.
To be fair, if Conservatives were winning the "Culture War," and then many of their policies were suddenly reversed, they'd be pretty mad too.

What are your thoughts? And please don't use this thread for attacking either Conservatives or Liberals.
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