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Meaning is Found in Contradiction

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7/3/2014 8:09:56 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
So, often, we complain the most, about those who are closest to us, especially we who have a significant other.

The old adage is opposites attract; however, I have had a few people say that's not necessarily true. Yet, in my own life it's blatantly clear.

I believe opposition, and conflict, is that which gives our lives meaning. I also believe there are some of us who are more conflicted than others. That's why it is in most relationships, there is friction, two very different worlds' colliding.

When I was younger, I refused to experiment with the things, in which most of my peers chose to indulge, namely risky sex, too much alcohol, and illicit drugs. However, subconsciously, I sought out the very people who were either presently into those things or had been in their not so distant past. I saw goody-two-shoes, as nothing more than bores (Even though I was one.) This, in itself, at times, got me into awkward and risky situations; situations I would have never been in, if I had kept to myself.

I think, in seeking out these people, I was looking for a little meaning in my life, a little mystery I didn't quite understand, a puzzle to solve, an enigma to figure out, a foreign language to interpret. Meaning is discovered not in that which is blatantly clear but in that which is foreign, not in the familiar and mundane but in that which is in opposition. Flowery beds of ease lull us to sleep; it is the bumps and potholes of our daily lives that quicken our minds.