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Redefining what society views as equal

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7/3/2014 11:33:07 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Gabriel Pagan
Jesse Ronco
Redefining what society views as equal for Men

While working on an assignment for our communications class in the library at Wake Technical Community College, my partner Jesse Ronco and I were brainstorming ideas for our upcoming project. We needed to find three credible sources for our project, which led us to review past Supreme Court cases related to our project's topic. It was then after reviewing some of these cases that he and I began thinking about men's rights in general? Very strangely, our topic for our project was not related in any way related to our thoughts however, this question made us consider the rights of men in our society. I then took it upon myself to right this essay, to make several points on how men are being treated unfairly.

In today's day and age men have become the epitome of the frequent sexist comedic bashing both in the media and in our society, in the United States. We are also held to irrational standard much like women. For instance, in today's modeling industry it is wrong to promote irrational body standards in women such as being skinny and petite or being curvaceous. Yet it seems to be socially acceptable for the modeling industry to promote irrational body standards in men such as being very well toned, tall, muscular, and having a great facial structure like having a masculine jaw line. There have been many cases of modeling companies promoting irrational body standards in women and most of the time this have prompted a quick aggressive social media backlash from women all across the United States but the question that I am proposing is, what about the men? For some reason that is beyond my understanding I do not frequently hear men asserting themselves against these irrational body images that the modeling industry frequently portrays in men, it is about time a man said something. Being a man, I am expected to be tall, muscular, well toned, while having great facial structure. It is a commonly accepted fact that women utterly prefer muscular men, why is there no male social media backlash against this standard both in society and in the modeling industry for using muscular men to portray this irrational body image? If I had the standard of a women being small and skinny, women call this irrational; seems unfair that it is socially acceptable for women to have irrational standards for men without expecting social media backlash and yet when I have distinguished standards they"re called irrational and if done in the eyes of the media, I can certainly expect a social media backlash from women all across the United States and maybe the world.

My second example of the inequality towards men in our society is the selective service. Very recently the Pentagon removed the ban on women serving in combat roles however American men still have to register for Selective Service or face dire consequences, of which include imprisonment, removal of federal aid for college, state aid, and fines up to 250,000 dollars. Most women would argue that civilian women are not properly fit to serve in combat roles compared to men, due to the that men are physically stronger than women however if the ability for women to serve in combat roles was being judge solely on physical strength then with that logic the Pentagon would not have lifted the ban on women serving in combat roles. It is unfair that I being a man have to register for Selective Service or face dire consequences and women do not have to. I would like congress to amend the law requiring men to register for Selective Service, so that women now have to register for Selective Service or face the same consequences that men have to. Some men argue that the draft will never return however no one can predict the future.

My third example brings us to the question of, are single sex colleges such as Meredith unconstitutional? I am using Meredith as an example because Jesse Ronco and I thought of this question while in the Wake Tech library since he and I attend Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh North Carolina which is fairly close to Meredith College. Meredith College is an all women's college that will not accept men into their undergraduate program. The question that we asked ourselves was is this constitutional and are single sex colleges constitutional in general? I believe there are close to forty eight all women"s colleges in the United States. There are still some all male colleges left standing but very little. Jesse and I believed that we should not be denied an education at any college because we are male. I would assume most females believe that they should not be denied any kind of education based on gender as well so why is no one talking about this injustice towards men, just another example of feminist hypocrisy? More importantly is this constitutional? Does this not violate the equal protection clause in the fourteenth amendment of the constitution? In 1996 the United States Supreme Court, United States V. Virginia struck down the Virginia Military Institute"s long-standing male only admission policy in a 7 to 1 decision, Justice Clarence Thomas chose not to vote. Yet when it is an all women"s college, for instance Meredith College it is perfectly acceptable. William Peace College ironically also in Raleigh North Carolina only recently began admitting men into their college in 2011, not without social media backlash and hypocritical feminist protesting; so why do us men let Meredith College, along with many other colleges get away with this unconstitutional injustice of prohibiting men to enroll in their undergraduate program? I for one will not allow this injustice to take place and I hope you men reading this will feel empowered to not allow it either.

My fourth point brings us to Comedians. Comedians frequently insult men however when it is done to a woman there is a huge social media backlash of women expressing their distaste for these jokes, such as jokes on anorexia or having a small chest or not having an hour glass figure. Yet it is perfectly acceptable to joke about a man"s height, penis size, body type, intelligence, and many other things. To the men who are reading this it is time we stand up for ourselves and start fighting back against this unequal treatment and protect ourselves from the radical perspective of these feminists. I believe the original purpose of feminism was prove that women are equal if not better than man however most women have radically translated this to attempted to prove they are better than men by oppressing men. To my feminist out there who are reading this I am not attempting to diminish the feminist perspective, as a matter of fact I agree most woman are being oppressed by men but the question that I am proposing is how do we promote gender equality without diminishing the other gender? I am also trying to protect the male perspective. Our civil rights end where your civil rights end, fair enough? Until now most men have not had the balls to actually say something about the injustice geared towards men in our society. I hope now this paper will empower men to do better for themselves and put a stop to this unequal treatment in our society as men.

What are your comments on this short essay? Men if you agree with me, send this essay to as many places as you can. Post this shot essay on Facebook, twitter, or anywhere you can.