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Leave Your Mark

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7/11/2014 9:43:49 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
This thought - that we must leave a 'mark' of some kind - is now ingrained in society. People have dreams. Ambitions. Passions. And they want to do something to leave a mark, a sign that they existed. Rarely do they have the motivation to get up and do it, however, and so rarely do they do it.

This kind of thinking - getting to the top of the world and being the very best - has polluted us. I simply do not like it. Long gone are the days of humbly serving others without trying to receive recognition. Instead, we have a pseudo-modesty that we use in our daily lives, telling other people "Oh, I wasn't that good," while at the same time wallowing in pride and joy from other's praise.

So we form a kind of idea of ourselves, something I've observed so often. We're normal, like everyone else, but we're also special and unique. We can be wrong sometimes, as we often admit, but the time when we admit that we're wrong never seems to come. When someone says something, we're quick to shoot them down and tell them how it really is, because only we know how it really is. And most of all, we hate being categorized into a group of people, just thrown in there like sheep or cattle when others don't know who we really are, like I'm doing to you right now.

What are your thoughts on this thinking of society? Is it necessarily bad or wrong? Is it better to leave your mark than to truly be humble? Or can we achieve something in-between? Thanks for reading.