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Kill Them Dolphins!!!-They took our Jobs >_<

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7/20/2014 10:13:41 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Those barbaric creatures with their repugnant snots and imbecile igloos. Each and every time you look at them they just flip you off with their obese plump chubby middle fingers, and most essentially...THEY TOOK OUR JOBS!!. It wouldn't be long before they try to take over our planet too.We all know that this is inevitable. Join Sashil to extirminate all those fvking mammals from the face of the earth. Wear these '#KillemDolphins' tags on your signature to show your support to the movement. Its either them or us now!!

Fekk yuuuu dolphinsss!!!!
Scientists have created a mutant version of the deadly 1918 Spanish flu virus in an effort to better understand how pandemics start.
I'm not a scientist, but this is how pandemics start. ~ meh

I wanted to be a Ninja, so I googled "Ninja school" I followed the link to their website, and it said "Page cannot be found"
WOW, these mo#^&%$rs are good. ~ UnKnown