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How Firm a Foundation

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8/8/2014 1:03:40 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
It's a curious thing: security can be found in many different things, from money to one's self. However it's established, its existence is only as stable as its investment. For instance, finding security in money serves one well, as long as there is no threat to one's wealth; and, subduing any financial instability is the life long goal of the rich.

Finding stability in relationships, with other people, also has its stressors, such as wealth, relationships are a dynamic that must be maintained.

Escaping a sense of insecurity, through the use of a drug, only last as long as the drug's half life.

Security is not stable; it's not fixed; it must be maintained, and a lot of work, worrying, and anxiety, go into its survival; and, even, then, it's often lost.

I have given this much thought. Which one thing does a person have with himself, or herself, at all times? Out of everything, in life, it seems to be most dependable, and reliable (if availability counts towards dependability.) The one thing I have in mind is one's self. It is there, for you, even if no one or no one thing can be. Is there anything more available than one's self? Is there anything that knows you better?

What happens as one loses himself, or herself, in the pursuit of other things? I believe the greatest sense of security is lost. Even though insecurities we always have with us, our goal should be to find our greatest security in that which is closest and most available, ourselves. As we establish ourselves on who we are, our foundations are most secure.