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We Crave Opposition

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8/10/2014 12:32:49 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
In considering the phrase, "Opposites attract.", if given more than a mere cursory consideration, we are forced to realize, on some level, we not only desire that which is our opposite, on the surface, but, also, that which contradicts the very nature of our being. We are looking for contradiction, something to upset the order of our universe.

To which we may question, "Why?". The answer lies in our need for stimulation. As we surround ourselves with like minded people, who often agree with us in many different regards, people who've become predictable, in their reactions, such as family members and close friends, we begin to seek out the exotic, and unfamiliar; we crave a mystery, a puzzle that needs to be solved. Predictability is not very romantic; it does not stimulate the senses. Every now and then, we need something that goes against the grain; we need something, to awaken us.