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Arguments against Tattoo Discrimination

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9/24/2014 2:42:27 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
So I happened to come upon "Are tattoos negatively stereotyped in the United States?" on and I was shocked by how many people were so discriminating against tattooed people.

You can find it right here:

I thought, "It's totally fine if you don't like tattoos! But do you HAVE to judge a book by its cover? I wouldn't do the same to you."

Just to let you know, I don't hate people who are prejudiced against tattooed people. I'm just angry with them.

But here are the prejudiced opinions I found and my arguments against them:

"People with tattoos are looking for attention and want people to think they have a "toughness" about them. I see someone who is not that bright with an inferiority complex and a low weekly paycheck. Drink beer, talk tough and fight. Not exactly 'The Land of the Mental Giants." It' s kind of a status symbol for the low I.Q. crowd."

My answer: First of all, you can easily cover up your tattoos with clothes (unless if the tattoo is on your face, necks, or hands). Second, why is it okay to get breast implants, hair cuts, or ear piercings? I don't see anyone calling them thugs or imbeciles for such acts.

This statement just plain repulsed me:

"Sure some tattoos look cool... At least for a couple of years until they smear. Its just a stupid decision to get a tattoo. Well paid people with tattoos are definitely the exception and not the rule. Are there many tattoo parlors in trailer parks? It seems they would do a killing there.

Don't be dumb. Go to school. Don't get pierced. Don't get tattooed. One day you will regret it. Ask anyone who has done this many years ago.

It's not what you want to hear, but its the truth.

My daughter will never get my blessing if she marries her current tattooed BF, even though he was in the military and you can't normally see them. It will just never happen."

My answer: First, what happened to "treat people the way you want to be treated?" If you can forgive yourself for getting tattoos, why can't you forgive anyone else? Second, your daughter's boyfriend was sacrificing his life for our country, and ALL you care about is his physical appearance? If I were your daughter, I would disown you in a heartbeat.

"Trashy....sorry! Of course , people that have them will say they are not. I know they are and could not care who disagrees with me. I wont hire them either. Which is my right. They chose to low class their appearance. It is not my fault that people were unwise in their life choices."

My answer: First, it's "won't." You forgot the apostrophe. Second, a dog can look cute but be ferocious, and vice versa. Third, blacks were seen as low class, too. Society has changed. What's the difference between judging them by their covers and judging tattooed people by their covers? Sure, it can give signs, but Hitler wasn't tattooed.
A sneeze doesn't always mean you have a cold or allergies.

"Tattooing is the ultimate sign of stupidity in the world (we aren't tribesman marking ourselves into manhood here)."

My answer: You must be JOKING. The ULTIMATE sign of stupidity? What about not knowing what 1 + 1 is? What about not knowing the difference between animals that are completely contrasting? Exactly.

"I associate tattoos with low class, uneducated people and criminals."

My answer: For the love of Pete, get out of your shell and go into the real world today.
It's been proven that tattoos don't make you uneducated, inferior, a criminal, or promiscuous. It's proven that being a non-white doesn't make you any of those either."

So the message to this is:

Don't judge a book by its cover, because you wouldn't like it if someone judged you by your cover, now, would you?

Feel free to reply, whether you are for or against my arguments.