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Black Thursday?!?

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11/21/2014 3:29:29 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
So, I am sure Americans have noticed the creep from Black Friday to Thursday, and while I do not like it, we only have ourselves to blame.

However, what I am very upset about is the news that malls are strong-arming businesses to open on Thursday as well!! Now, just like with employment contracts, I am not wholly opposed to this, IF IT IS IN THE CONTRACT; however, it appears that a few malls are not only threatening to not renew contracts (ambivalent on this) if businesses do not open when the mall opens, but will fine them as well. Scopes mentioned a $1,150/hr fine.

I have a problem with this fine. If it isn't in the contract, then it isn't in the contract, and that ought to be illegal for a landlord to do this.


For those who are unaware, Black Friday is the antiquated term for the Friday after Thanksgiving (Thursday, always). It is called Black Friday because in the past, this is the day when companies would start to turn a profit, due to Christmas shopping.
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