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In response to the Charlie Hedbo Shooting

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1/14/2015 9:28:21 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
(Original title was meant to be"In response to the Charlie Hedbo shooting: Why Muslims are 'butthurt'" But I couldnt fit that title when typing this topic.
PS: I am not trying to in any way justify the actions of the shooter so please do not accuse me of such.
PSS: I was going to post this in the religion section but due to the risk of starting a flamewar instead of a discussion I decided to post this in the Society section as this topic has enough relevance in terms of culture and society to be posted here instead.)

It is often when controversial media is released that offends the Muslim population large uproars may happen in parts of the Middle East or Muslim world such as the protests that occurred in Benghazi following the release of the video "The Innocence of Muslims".

And then an interesting thing begins to occur in which you have three groups addressing the topic in different ways. one group claims that Muslims are "butthurt" and offended too easily (such as this debate that satirically addresses the topic:, Then you have another group (tend to Muslims) that condemn the attacks or protest that occur (Such as this lecture by Muslim scholar Yasir Qadhi:
and then you have a last faction using such attacks as proof that Islam is violent or terrorist Ideology (Such as the claims made by Ayaan Hirsi, an activist and former Muslim:

So then the question comes following the Charlie Hedbo shooting; why? Why would Muslims be so offended when the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is drawn or portrayed in an offensive way?

Once more like I mentioned before three camps appear that always gives the same answer: One claiming Muslims are too butthurt and offended easily, one group claiming that does not accurately representing Islam then a last group using it as an opportunity to demonize Islam.

But to stop beating around the bush here is my opinion: It mostly has to do with culture shock. In Islam and Islamic culture (well mostly amongst the Sunni population) it is extremly taboo to draw any of the Prophets, especially Muhammad (pbuh). This video sums it up so I don't go off on a tangent again: .

Now it would seem strange to a lot of people that Muslims would get so offended when Non-Muslims do this, once more an example of culture shock. Western culture and values contrast greatly with Muslim culture and values. Therefore a westerner may inadvertently offend a Muslim and a Muslim may inadvertently offend a westerner because both cultures glorify and condemn different things. There are things that a westerner may not ever truly understand about Muslims like how Muslims are offended over cartoons or why Muslims have gender segregation in Mosques. And as a Muslim myself there are things about Western culture that make me perplexed despite living in one myself for example why is western culture so individualistic or why things that I consider to be blatant hate speech are instead glorified as "free expression" and by saying this I might inadvertently offend someone by saying that. This could be a result of the internet or globalization as you have the world becoming more and more interconnected you have more and more people of different cultures and beliefs having more and more interaction and therefore may accidentally offend someone else.

I honestly do not know how to conclude this post so here is a gif of Pickachu rubbing his cheeks:
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