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Rock history month

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2/2/2015 5:50:03 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
We have a special month carved out to celebrate the history for humans, aliens and other living sentient organisms. Why, I ask, are rocks and living impaired groups the only ones deprived of a month deprived of their history?

Well, you say, regular history is, in effect, Rock history. They don't need a month carved out to celebrate their history. I should say "we", since I am (gasp!) a sedimentary rock. This begs the question: Why do rocks not need their own history month? The answer is much more simple than most assume: rocks dominate regular history because rocks have been around for a lot longer than any other group, at least in the past 600 years or so.

In essence, this fits a grander narrative of inanimate dumb rocks that cant do anything but sit their and erode. But, in truth, rocks dominate history because they, more than any other group did things that actually changed history (turning into lava and killing the dinosaurs but it's not like those animate races acknowledge that). So, no, we don't need a rock history month. We EARNED our place in history the old fashioned way: doing important things.

Your welcome humans and aliens, suck it .
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