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It comes with this really nice school Inc hip

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2/20/2015 11:45:06 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
It comes with this really nice school Inc hip that goes on to you the alright area which is going to press down a little bit a little bit is going to come out you wanna be gentle in now I'm going to got it under CelloPlex Anti-Aging Cream my ice and it does feel very nice when it goes on the skin nice and cool that"s for sure you just wanna squeeze a little as you"re applying it I'm going to take my ring finger Nadu happens really well applying concealer and using my ring finger I just it's age separately don't have concealed brush is or whatever its it's definitely so easy to do it this way don't really need much so what I'm going to do is just take miring finger that's the most delicate evolving years and now I'm going to do under any forget just put a little bit on top as well I'm dark under my on top in my eyelids to know so I do like to cover that especially I"m not going to be wearing I shadow are trying to cover this area sometimes do the entire land but I'm not going to cause it's nice to have a little dimension on the face you don't look too flat like banana.
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