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The Perpetrator Becomes the Victim

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3/19/2015 11:53:20 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
In the dynamics of the group's relationship with the individual, the contradictory nature of the individual's right to autonomy over the group's right to integration, the group considers individual characteristics foreign, or uncommon, among its constituency as intolerable. A personal idiosyncrasy garners the disapproval of the group in as much as it deviates from the norm.

As particularly uncommon deviancy becomes more common, the collective psyche or those most integrated by conformity see it as an even greater threat to the group's identity. A sense of urgency in abolishing this deviant behavior fortifies the solidarity of the group, and the group in turn characterizes it as an infringement on the group's right of expression. The individual once not tolerated, ostracized, and even persecuted by the group in gaining acceptance instills in the group a threat to its own identity; and, in so doing, the group takes on the role of victim. It should not surprise anyone, in the least, to see the Religious Right claim same-sex marriage is an affront to its religious liberties.