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Legal Parental Surrender

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3/20/2015 12:55:10 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
I have some opinions I would love to get feedback on regarding abortions.

DISCLAIMER: This is purely informational, and in no way affects my life, as I am single and baby-free, and plan to be until marriage.

With that said, please try to stay friendly and avoid being rude to anyone for their opinions.

Now Lets take a look at these scenarios regarding pregnancy.

1. Father (F) and Mother (M) are happy with their pregnancy and both intend to keep and raise the child.

2. F & M do NOT want the child, an abortion occurs.

3. M does not want the child, but F does. M gets an abortion as she has the rights to her body.

4. M does want the child, F does NOT want the child as it was unplanned. M keeps the child, F is forced to pay child support for an unwanted child. (In this case we are assuming their incomes are too low and Child Support is required.

As I am sure most of you can infer my problem lies with Scenario 4, in which the father does not want a child. I will immediately say:


Therefore, we will assume the reasoning behind the Father NOT wanting this child is somewhat legitimate. (Unplanned, not married, etc..may not be the "best reasons" to not want a child, but still not some asinine reason that is deplorable.

Now I understand the simple argument: "If you don't want a child, don't have sex, or use better protection." In today's society unprotected sex happens way too often, and can not be regulated, so I am curious on everyone's opinion regarding This.

So back to Scenario 4, I have read some forums online regarding Legal Parental Surrender, in which the Father is able to remove himself, legally, from the birth certificate, surrendering the child, thus removing his responsibility from caring for the child.

I have NOT found any actual case documents regarding this matter. Does anyone have any information regarding if this is truly legal. Also, what are your thoughts on a Father legally removing himself as a 'Guardian' of a child?