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There Be Monsters

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3/27/2015 10:44:31 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
In the story of St. George, the dragon symbolizes the persuasions of Eastern mysticism on the Western mind. It denotes the politics of the time in which it was popularized. The dragon, if not vanquished, instilled the fear of an all-consuming presence.

Today, we too face dragons, dragons we fear are consuming our varied lifestyles. So often, we blame these dragons for all the ills of society.

Two very distinct dragons are the dragons of materialism and spiritualism; in which one is ruled by a need to please one's self, the other is ruled by a need to please the collective. An ideal scenario would put the two in balance. However, so often, life is not ideal. There seems to be a disconnect, and in our country, it is becoming blatantly so. This divisiveness has made into monsters the ideas of individualism and socialism. On the one hand, the liberal mind sees a society consumed by selfishness, an avoidance of social responsibility, and a preponderance of materialism. On the other hand, the conservative mind sees a society that demands too much, an avoidance of personal responsibility, and a preponderance of collectivism, or socialism. Neither the liberal nor the conservative is wrong; both monsters do indeed exist, and as long as there is an imbalance in the psyche of our society, they will continue to do so.