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Advertisement of the Millennium

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4/22/2015 11:26:53 PM
Posted: 3 years ago

This is a commercial called "The Postcard" with a song my Matt Kona. The song is probably the best ever written for a commercial. It's not a cheeky or cheesey or cheap or gimmicky piece of garbage like most commercials are. It's a clear, plain and meaningful song with lyrics of depth and substance.

This commercial gets to me every single time. It's not often that any advertisement can make me feel something, but this one did. It's amazing. It tells a story about a father and son who build a bakery; a business that is their family's legacy. It's beautiful.

The copy on the youtube video is even amazingly written:

When you're building a future, everything you create really does matter.


Watch the new Vistaprint commercial that celebrates the moments that matter most to a father and son business like Barrett & Son Bakery.

I've never seen an ad that was this well made, or this well put together. It may be because family businesses are very close to me, or for other reasons... those don't matter. What matters is that this ad succeeds as a narrative, as a work of art, and as a calling card for everything that a company ought to stand for: improving their consumers lives, and helping them in what they do.

Vista print provides a good and necessary service, and the fact that this company chose to air this ad... I think it speaks volumes of what the company represents. I've posted about it before, but I've seen it three times since I've been watching CNN tonight and it's probably the only commercial I've ever known of that makes me happy every time I hear the song.