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Gender Roles

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5/13/2015 2:25:51 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
This is going to be a fun topic of discussion.

Obviously gender roles are simply predetermined social occupations that people are put in based on their sex. Most often and in most societies, males were put into the "public sphere" and females in the "domestic sphere".

To kick off the discussion I'll talk about my own point of view on the topic. I support them only for people with children, and even then I support flexibility, especially for gender queer and transsexual individuals. But generally, I think if a male and female have a child, that the female should concentrate on nursing the child, and the male should concentrate on making sure the mother and baby are well fed and well housed.

Females with children would be expected to stay at home with the child and quit work (even economically this is beneficial by raising wages for fathers) so as to make sure the children are properly cared for. Females are almost always more closely attached to their children than males are, since breastfeeding (which only females can do) is a prime time for bonding, and thus females are better able to be a stay at home parent. That is, of course, only in addition to the fact that females on average are more empathetic, making them better parents. "Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding are both natural times for bonding. Infants respond to the smell and touch of their mothers, as well as the responsiveness of the parents to their needs. In an uncomplicated birth, caregivers try to take advantage of the infant's alert period immediately after birth and encourage feeding and holding of the baby."[1]

I think that most women, and men, would actually be happier in this arrangement.