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Homosexuality as Prime in Ancient Greece

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5/19/2015 8:09:53 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
I was reading Plato recently and Socrates got sexually-aroused after catching a glimpse inside a young-man's shirt. I sort of shook my head like there were cobwebs in there, thinking I read something in the wrong light (reading such old texts must be done carefully), and kept reading. In the next dialogue, there's a boy talking about somebody he's in love with. They talk about him and his lover for a few pages at length, and not once is a female pronoun used. I had to put the book down and research it, and sure enough, homosexuality was prime in Ancient Greece - only the love of two men was considered to be of the highest purity. Women were to be mated with for children, but being attached to them was definitely considered something lower.

This is stunning to me! How could this be? Homosexual men are considered such low-lifes in our society, perhaps more than half of the male population in this country holds some level of disgust for them. We fear being too close to men and stand arms-reach away from them. To be discovered as homo can destroy someone's identity. "Gay" means "bad," "fagg0t" means somebody is a coward, etc.

I'm not concerned so much about the relative change as much as I am about the fact that such a society existed at all. I regard ancient Greece as a pinnacle of human development, and I see the centuries that have passed since as largely destructive to humanity's potential (I'll hold my tongue on that subject for now). So this discovery hit me very hard.

I've had to really dig deep and look at myself... I've always had a healthy homophobia, it's discomforting for me to be too close to a guy or be touched by one. I've decided that homophobia is not healthy, and while I'll certainly never get intimate with a guy, I should learn to relax more and not be so anxious about being near them or touching them.

What's youe level of homophobia, DDO? Let's make the spectrum 10 for completely homophobic, 0 for indifferent, and -10 for flaming homosexual. I would say I was at an 8 or 9 last month, and I've climbed down to a 4 or a 5 since then. I got hit on by a she-male of some sorts on Sunday lol and I actually danced with him(?) for a few minutes, it was dressed like a woman but had a deep voice and broad shoulders... Perhaps the alcohol helped a little, but I was at that bar in March and a guy hit on me and I walked straight out in a bad mood, and I even bltched at the bouncer on the way out. Does homophobia represent something broken within us? If it's genetic, as I once thought, then how can you explain ancient Greek culture?