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The World As a Mirror

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5/29/2015 10:46:04 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
It is very tempting to paint the world using the very hues that have colored our lives, the instruments we've used to measure our stature, and the verdicts we have pronounced against ourselves. In fact, even though we see ourselves as unique, we so often expect others to respond to circumstances in the same manner we, ourselves, have responded to circumstances of common value.

In setting ourselves apart, not only have we become autonomous but we have also become distant; we have emotionally detached ourselves from the concerns of others, and in this detachment, we have increased our own significance and self worth to the point of overshadowing that of others.

We, for the most part, are more forgiving of those closest to us, for them, we understand, and reserve greater condemnation for those who are furthest away; for them, too, we understand; or, so we think.