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Responsibility Lies Between Freedom and Depen

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7/3/2015 2:36:16 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Lately, I've wrangled with the ideas of "freedom" and "responsibility", half-wittingly thinking the two were opposites. However, I've come to realize the error in this. Simply because absolute freedom is entirely irresponsible doesn't indicate absolute responsibility can exist without some degree of freedom.

Absolute dependence is the polar opposite of freedom.

Yet, further consideration brought me to believe responsibility is the defining composition born from the marriage of personal liberty to societal dependence. Liberty without the gravitating force of dependence leads to a life of indecision and aimlessness. No one thing necessitates the attention of one completely independent of everything else. Having no needs and being not burdened with the needs of others leaves one with a sense of meaninglessness. Conversely, complete and utter dependence cripples one to the point of immobility. It is between the two, freedom and dependence, responsibility lies. Freedom gifts one with personal mobility by setting the individual apart from the group, and dependence gives one meaning, "meaning" that is defined by his, or her, relationship with others.