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In Support of the Almighty Patriarchy

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7/6/2015 6:45:19 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
This is just a bit of pushback after I had to read a feminist rant.
The Patriarchy has been running things, and everything has been good, right up until some women come along and ruin it by demanding access to our masterwork facilities. We had technological advancement, improving standards of living, and other goodies. The moment women got in, they threw their votes around. As you can see, we are being rocked by entirely inconsequential scandals. Trans and whatnot? Oh, they just decided not to be a man/woman anymore. It's no big deal. If I had my way, these issues would be handled like this:
Gays? Oh, that's just how they roll. Their souls, not ours. Affirmative action? "Let me get this straight. Even though we're fellow and equal on paper, you want extras because of a perceived injustice in the past? Suck it up, cupcake; you're no different from anyone else."
Basically, after women's suffrage came into effect, everything went to pieces, then the women who took this adventure up started throwing their weight around, demanding special treatment, which is a big no-no in a society with egalitarian and universal laws, which I think America was intended to be. Then moral decay came into the picture, and everything fell to pieces yet again, because now we get insecure teenage girls rushing onto social media preaching "save the X" or "Women aren't treated right" whilst reinforcing each others views. In short, they're the proto-bronies in which they get everywhere and post things that may or may not be related, but tinted (but more often outright seeping) with their views. Then, most of them find fanfiction sites and post lemons, most of which are slash, and horribly written, often featuring things that are anatomically impossible. To wit, "IT COULD GO ON DISNEYLAND ATTRACTIONS BY ITSELF", roughly the entirety of Deserving, Squad Broken, and a whole host of other things.
They then go on to use hilariously skewed sources, like the one where men can't comprehend the word "no" followed by a list of the times a guy went off the deep end and killed the woman they were hitting on/in a relationship with, cheerfully ignoring all the guys who are nice enough not to do this.
But my personal favorite is the "rape culture". Apparently, looking at women wearing clothes that draw attention to them is threatening. Hey, you have a right to wear it, I have a right to gawk.
Factor in the fact that guys tend to directly solve problems compared to women and their circular route, and yeah, Patriarchy for the win.
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