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Group Learning

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7/6/2015 9:39:53 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Just about everyone who lives in a technologically advanced society tends to take this for granted.
But have you ever stopped and wondered as to why you have all this fancy tech and yet you have no idea how the crap most of it works (and even if you do, there's the fact that you were taught by some other source and didn't figure it all out yourself)?
It's a principle called "group learning". One person (or a few people) is all that's necessary to discover something and the knowledge can be passed on to the group. And children "inherit" this knowledge from the previous generation.

Chimpanzees are capable of being taught things as complex as sign language. Chimpanzees have had contact with humans for thousands of years. It's likely that at least some Chimpanzees historically have learned behaviors and skills from humans, either through being directly taught or observing human behavior.
So here's my question: why are Chimpanzee "tribes" still at the absolute basic level of sophistication?
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