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Intellectual Maturity

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7/30/2015 3:13:57 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Jung, in studying psychopathologies, noted many of his subjects fixated on a select group of complexes, complexes that had an egocentric appeal. These remembrances, whether negatively or positively charged, for the most part were emotional highlights in the lives of his patients.

Not unlike someone who is fixated on emotionally charged phenomena, I believe it is possible for people to obsess on intellectually significant, or meaningful, content. In other words, as an individual becomes unduly focused, giving an inordinately high value to emotionally charged content that shadows one's ego, so likewise, I believe certain individuals put too great a significance on intellectual content that validates the individual's understanding. In the same manner as someone who suffers with a psychopathology, as Jung noted focused too intently on past emotional events, we also may to our intellectual detriment put unwarranted emphasis on past modes of understanding.

As the individual obsessed with emotional complexes is underdeveloped emotionally, living as it were in a psychodynamic loop, the individual who obsesses on past intellectual acuity creates a looped response to contemporary data, losing sync with the reality of an ever-changing world. Past solutions may have worked for past problems, but that in no way means they will continue to work in the face of a new and evolving world.