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Why 'Hookup Culture' is Bad

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8/13/2015 2:05:24 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Many on the left dislike traditional gender roles and views about sexuality. They view them as outdated, unneeded, and, in the case of the farther left, oppressive (particularly against women).

This crowd tends to celebrate 'hookup culture' as a benchmark of a society that is more sexually liberated and less restrictive. A culture where sex is merely a source of mutual enjoyment. Women are finally becoming more free to express and act on sexual desires!

The problem is, as usual, this view is simply ignorant of the basic reality of human nature. Traditional norms regarding sexuality did not pop out of thin air. They have existed for centuries largely to help civilize people and direct individuals towards less harmful and more productive lifestyles.

Pre Christian, pagan societies were much more sexually liberated than enlightened Europe in the 1500s. And, contrary to what many believe, sexual liberation involved far more exploitation and oppression than boring old monogamy.

Sexual liberation basically plays into the basic human urge to procreate, procreate, procreate. It is the same norm that existed in hunter gatherer societies.

What happens in a state of sexual liberation is that a few, aggressive men tend to monopolize female reproductive capacity. They oftentimes achieve that monopoly through violence, by the way.

The poor beta males who are left without sex in this natural state basically just make trouble. They get in fights. They commit crimes. They obsess over doing extraordinary (but often stupid) things to impress women enough so, perhaps, they can gain access to females.

Studies have shown that, in high school, boys who do better academically are more likely to be virgins than their poorer performing (but louder and more athletic) male peers. There is no such negative effect on females.

This goes back to the basic fact of human reproduction. Women are much more in demand than men. Even attractive men can often have a hard time "getting laid" even if they try hard. Even unattractive women just have to be willing to have sex to have guys surrounding them ready to engage in intercourse.

Of course, this is due to the fact that females have a lower reproductive capacity than men. A baby requires a lot of investment for women (9 months) and only one ejaculation for men (9 seconds?).

That means that, in a tribal society, one man and 50 women can keep the population going. The reverse is not true.

I digress....

Anyways, hookup culture is not, as many claim, a triumph of progress. But a return to prehistoric norms. Prehistoric norms that ultimately led to no social order, high amounts of danger, and no real progress.

The golden age of monogamy was also the golden age of human progress. It would be unwise to celebrate the end of this age as a win for progress when it was really the exact opposite.

The reality of modern hookup culture has been a decline in happiness for women who at their core are not meant to be so promiscuous, an explosion in single motherhood, and a campus rape epidemic based on a culture that has done away with any discouragement of people from pursuing their short term pleasure. It's left millennials without meaning in their life. In short: it's been a miserable failure and we should recognize it as such.
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8/13/2015 10:58:01 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Well said. I have always said that the hook-up culture will bring a return to breeding farms. In all reality that's what the past sex lives of most of the attractive women, and a few very powerfully rich men was. Oh they called it polygamy so that it didn't sound so bad, but it was really a breeding farm.
It was a horrible system for everyone involved except for the breeding bull. The women in the breeding farm were not usually there by choice. Most of them were taken by the bull when they were 13 or 14. That would've been just about the age when she met here first crush in the little village that she was from.
There was nothing pornographic or wonderful about being in a large harem. If you were very attractive you might have access to the king once a month, along with his other 100 attractive women. For a woman this might be a horrible prospect. There was nothing romantic about it whatsoever. Go to a farm and watch a breeding bull go to work. That was all that was going on in the harems. The woman would never in her whole life get to discover love and commitment and family and trust and respect and romance....ever. And when she turns 40 and isn't pretty anymore she becomes a servant in the banquet hall.
Meanwhile, outside the palace, or outside the rich man's house, the young men wonder around in packs. They gave up on working because if there aren't any pretty girls left, and no prospects for a family, then there isn't really any need to work hard and build wealth so that a family can be provided for.
These young men are sex starved. Their only outlet is a whore-house. There were quite a few of those back then. And when not whoring the men were rambunctious and ready for a fight. Many of them became bandits and robbers. Most of them died old and alone with no wife, nor family, just at the women of the harem also died alone.

The left in this country doesn't understand this idea of romance and what it means. They think that gratifying sex is good enough so what's the point of marriage and love and monogamy? Romance is like the pinnacle of relationships. It's the highest of honors, and the deepest of emotions. It involves time, trust, loyalty, respect, commitment, tenderness, and passion. These things don't grow on a tree. They are acquired only by those who have a heart and understanding of these things. Without romance, breeding farms are inevitable.