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Possible views on Christianity and LGBT

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8/20/2015 10:11:00 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
There are several possible answers to the question of "does Christianity oppose homosexuality/bisexuality/transgenderism", and each of them is extremely controversial. I will be outlining the different possible views on this issue, as well as how people have received these opinions.

1. Christianity opposes LGBT acts, and people should therefore also oppose LGBT acts.

People holding this view argue that the correct interpretation of the Bible suggests that Christianity opposes LGBT acts, and believe that this makes LGBT acts wrong. They point to verses in Deuteronomy, Leviticus and Corinthians which suggest that homosexuality and transgenderism are sinful.

This view asserts that:

1. That the Bible says that LGBT acts are sinful
2. That Christianity is true and its rules are relevant to modern society

This view has been criticized as hateful and discriminatory. Its opponents argue that believing LGBT acts to be wrong can increase social stigma against homosexual people, and cite recent scientific studies which suggest that homosexuality is natural and is not a choice. Proponents of the "homosexuality is wrong" view have countered this by saying that pedophilia also is not a choice, but that does not make pedophilia morally correct, and cited reports of homosexuals becoming straight through conversion therapy, or even just by converting to Christianity. These reports have been criticized for being anecdotal reports which have no place in peer reviewed science.

Opponents of this view have also pointed out how this view assumes that Christianity is true and relevant to modern society, a claim which is difficult to test using the scientific method. They believe that even if Christianity actually opposed homosexuality, it would not matter since Christianity might not be true.

2. Christianity does not oppose homosexuality.

People holding this view believe that Christianity does not oppose homosexuality, and cite how the Bible can be reinterpreted to not oppose homosexuality as proof. Some also argue that homosexuality is only forbidden in the Old Testament, and that the laws of the Old Testament have been abolished, making homosexuality okay,

People holding this viewpoint assert that:

Christianity does not oppose LGBT acts.

This viewpoint has been criticized by Christians who believe that the reinterpretations of the Bible used to support said view are inaccurate. Christians have also noted that the New Testament also includes verses in opposition to homosexuality, such as 1 Corinthians 6:9 and Romans 1:26-27, contradicting the claim that anti-homosexuality rules are only found in the Old Testament.

3. Christianity is irrelevant to whether or not LGBT acts are moral

People holding this view believe that whether LGBT actions are moral or not is not determined by what Christianity says, since they believe that Christianity is false or that it should not apply to modern day society.

This view has been criticized by people who believe in Christianity, who cite evidence supporting Christianity. However, since it is difficult to prove Christianity, it is also difficult to prove this viewpoint false.
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8/20/2015 2:52:22 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Regardless of whether or not the Christian religion ought to be law of the land, if one claims to be Christian then this person consents to be held to the Biblical standard of morality by other Christians. Such a person may, if he/she continues to violate that standard to a severe degree, have his/her actions condemned by other Christians.
So if homosexuality violates Christianity, then Christians have the right to judge others wearing the Christian label who continue to do it, provided they themselves don't do it.
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