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Why police piss me off(about confidentiality)

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11/25/2015 8:12:59 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
I know most of you don't believe me, when I talk about how much I've studied police policy as well as how I've tried to get into the head of cop's by befriending them, or making them angry on purpose, by trolling them, by trying to figure out their personal and private lives. I've done the same for criminals as well, trying to figure them out, inside and out, and though I don't know what makes a psychopath tick, I do know what the typical criminal is like, and what lead them ther. I'm now diving into the judicial process to find out more about the justice system in America. I'm probably further behind than anybody else with knowledge about that, but I will be further ahead than most if not all of you, when I finish this process.

I tell you this, as a set up for what I'm about to say next. I mean I've dug deep into police brutality cases. I've talked to witnesses, the supposed and actual victims as well as police on the scene when these events happen. I have an unrivaled thirst for knowledge, and I prefer the type I get from individuals and their stories, and it's why I kill myself to track down everything. So what I'm about to tell you in a bit, shouldn't surprise you.

When studying individual police brutality Cases, I've made numerous calls to police stations, and tried to go through all official channels. It's frustrating as hell, the amount of importance these places keep on confidentiality and secrecy. I'm constantly calling them, and they won't give me any nugget of information that is outside of the press release. I take back doors trying to call the chief instead of the people that deal with the media, and it's the same thing. I ask a question about a piece of evidence I find that contradicts the press release or official narrative, and I just get shut down, every single time. It's always the same response "well I can't comment on that". It's infuriating and in several instances, just withholding knowledge, merely for the sake of withholding knowledge. Half the time, later on down the road, I find innocent explanations for questions I've asked. Innocent explanations that never needed to be secret to start with. I mean, Fvck these people. Tell me everything I ask, and stop withholding information that doesn't even compromise your investigation.

Sometimes I'm told they don't know what information, could or could not potentially harm an investigation. Why not just use common sense in determining that answer, instead of taking the ignorant view, that it could compromise an investigation, when they can't think of a single reason it would compromise one.

Hell, they're quiet even when it hurts them. It's stupid. I've seen departments or cops have their reputations ruined, because a film got released two years later after the investigation concluded no wrong doing was done.

Hell that's stuff they could release immediately to clear them or an officer of wrong doing in the eyes of the public, but they're idiots.

Hell a couple of years ago, there was this situation where even the street cops, not some dude in charge of handling the media or some supervisor, but regular cops, kept me out of the loop.

I walked into a Pizza Hut l, and this 40 something black guy and 50 something white guy were fist fighting. I broke it up, and told them to chill the Fvck out. Anyway, as soon as I walk away, the black dude gets up and grabs the white lady who was with that dude by the neck. Well since I think that crosses a line, I lay his asss out. Just after I did that, the cops came in, arrested the white lady, and let this guy go free. So I get in their face and ask them why they're arresting the girl getting beat up by a dude, instead of the dude beating up girls, and they refuse to answer and tell me to get the hell out of there, before they arrest me for battery. Anyway, just another case of the cops being secretive for no reason, and possibly some reverse racism going on there.