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Suicide Is Not Cowardly

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7/18/2016 10:31:30 PM
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This is based off of an opinion I saw earlier. Suicide is not cowardly. Being a coward is a person who lacks courage. And courage is the ability to do something that frightens the person. I think we can all agree that death frightens people. It baffles me that people can honestly think that suicide is cowardly.

I saw the "I get/understand/feel/etc what they're going through" on one of the opinions and that got me thinking. Do you actually know what the person is feeling when they're contemplating commuting suicide? If you don't, stop saying you do. Lets take the Golden Gate Bridge as an example. Many people to there to commit suicide. It's about a four to five second drop and then you hit the water going 75 mph. Most people die on impact. Those that don't flounder around, most of their bones are broken and drown and those that survive may have injuries that last the rest of their lives. Climb over the rail and look down, the water below you is far away. Do you as a passerby actually understand what's going on in the head of the person that's done that? If you did, you'd know exactly what to say to get that person to get them to climb back over the rail. But most people don't know what to say and most people are unprepared.

You know what's cowardly, people who bully others to death. The fact that this actually happens and that the people who do it walk free is sad. And even worse than that is the fact that we pin the cowardliness on the ones who committed suicide. Rather than the ones who caused it. "People who commit suicide are selfish and cowards that don't think about others." Is what it generally said in the opinions. Do people actually realize the pain that these people are going through? How long these people had been suffering? Stop pinning the blame on the wrong people. Actually come to your senses and realize there was a cause to suicide. Whether it was a mental illness, bullies, etc. It wasn't just a two second decision based off of the fact that the person had a bad day.

"Suck it up" is basically what is said on the very first response on one column. How on earth can people claim that suicide is selfish when they are that insensitive? That is incredibly insulting and obviously the person who wrote that has no idea what depression feels like. That's like telling a person suffering from depression to just be happy. As if it were that easy. The sad thing is that people actually liked the post. You don't realize what it's like to have your life depend on whether or not you let go of the railing. Stop saying that people who try to commit suicide are wimpy or weak. They have been fighting for so long that for some people, the pain is so constant they've become accustom to it. To them, they have looked in Pandora's box and hope isn't there anymore. (Look up Pandora's box if you don't know what it is) Nobody should live their lives in constant mental pain, its exhausting and draining. Saying suck it up doesn't help. It's like a patient suffering from cancer and a doctor comes in, looks at the patient and says "suck it up", then leaves.

Then there's another post that says teenagers who commit suicide from bullying are the worst because they don't realize the damage they cause. People are beyond ignorant and its actually astonishing. No it's not teenagers who commit suicide who are the worst, it's the teenagers that cause suicide because of bullying. The fact that a human can be so cruel that it causes another human to want to die is astonishing. It's the bullies who don't realize the damage they've done and the sad thing is, is that most people jump on the bandwagon that suicidal people are to blame.

Stop saying suicide is cowardly. You don't know what people have gone through. Most who claim to understand don't even truly understand what it's like to hop over the rails and look down at the water below. To know that your about to end your life. The Golden Gate Bridge was never meant to be a grave yard. Stop blaming suicide victims and instead actually help. Don't be the one that pushes the person off of the bridge because of thoughtless actions and words.
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