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Why Rodgers needs the Packers to win

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12/19/2011 12:33:22 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
We all know that the Packers have all but clinched home field advantage for the entire post season (1 more win to make it official), and there has been talk of should they just coast through the rest of the season to avoid injury.

However, since the Beginning of the season, Rodgers has been chasing several QB records. The passer rating and TDs. Currently sitting with 40 passing TDs (43 if rushing are inculded), he has only 2 games left to reach 50 passing TDs to tie with Brady (or 52 TDs to tie with all TDs with Brady). It is unlikely that Rodgers will reach this now.

However, there is still that passer rating. Rodgers has been well over the record all year (current record 121.1 for Peyton Manning). However, the last two games have been all in all good for any QB, but utter crap for someone of Rodger's caliber. All season long, Rodgers had getting QB ratings over 100 (12 games in a row this year, not sure how many at the end of last year), but the last 4 games, they've been getting progressively worse. WK 12 vs Detroit, he had a 116.6 game, WK 13 vs Ney York saw it slip to 106.1, WK 14 vs Oakland saw his first game under 100 at 96.7 (and he only played 2 1/2 qtrs), then last week was a dismal 80.1. This has dropped his season rating to 120.1, now below the record.

We've also seen his passing percentage drop week after week for the last 6 weeks. His season passing is down to 68.1% (while Brees is up to 71.5%). If Rodgers continues this slide (and Brees continues with his surge), it becomes entirely possible that not only will Rodgers not break any records this year, but he may even lose the MVP.

Meanwhile, Drew Brees is looking to break a few records of his own. Of course, we already know that he is on pace to break the yardage record, but he is also set to break his own completion record (which he is currently tied with Ken Anderson at 70.6%). And their last two games will come against teams with only average passing defences (ranked 17th and 18th).

So we've already seen how one record is all but out the window, and another record is slipping away, along with the cracks forming in his MVP potential (starting to look like a Luck vs RG3 situation, lol), but also with the team running cold, rather than hot, they protect themselves from injury, but increase the risk of choking in the playoffs.

Remember, you have to finish strong, you can't start strong and just glide through to the playoffs.
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12/19/2011 1:03:03 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
Bulaga's health will be a BIG factor in our ability to rebound from this. Rodgers will either be on fire or on his as5 behind the porous offensive line. The o-linemen were old and are injured as expected, but the new guys are injured now and things aren't looking great. Newhouse emerged undrafted and I hope that is enough to make the difference. Sherrod's leg is busted. Bulaga and Sherrod were the two first-round picks for '09 and '10.