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Is this a first for the NFL? - Rodgers

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12/7/2013 12:33:33 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
There's all this talk from players and talking heads that the Packers should shut down A-rog if we don't beat the Falcons Sunday. Now the logic is apparent enough, particularly from an economic perspective. Since A-rog is the highest paid NFL player in history, putting that asset on the field for a lost season seems absolutely ridiculous.

But that's not how football has ever been played, at least as far as I know. Would Joe Montana ever get shut down like that? I'd use Brett Favre as an example but he was absolutely indestructable. Perhaps this has happened before, but as far as I know this discussion is unprecedented.

As a Packer fan I will be livid if I see us lose to the Falcos and then put Rodgers in based only on their principles of honor and integrity. But at the same time, I can't help but feeling they are either going to have to a) lie heavily about the severity of his condition or b) be forced to put him out there since they are always SUPPOSED to go out and win no matter what. Honestly, I think coach McCarthy has an unbelievable catch-22 looming in his future and either decision he makes could totally taint his legacy (at least in the national spotlight).

If the precedent is set and Rodgers does obviously take a seat, what becomes the limit in the future? Why is JJ Watt bothering to play? Was the precedent actually already set before, possibly by the Colts two years ago?