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Mobile QBs

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1/20/2014 3:56:06 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
I have to say, watching the AFC Championship game and the NFC Championship game were different experiences. The AFC teams were led by experience and classical technique - P Manning and Belichick with conventional pocket-passers. The NFC is different though; we have mobile quarterbacks stepping in and changing the landscape.

So are Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees relics? I exclude A Rod because he is considerably more mobile and athletic than the former three, but he isn't nearly as athletic as the new crop of QBs who are gashing defenses with their legs and making throws like they are NFL Blitz players. Despite their success at integrating skill-position technique into their repertoire, however, I don't see this fad over-taking the conventional QB.

If you were the 49ers, and you had probably the best team in football for perhaps the last three years and failed to win any Superbowls, would you be looking at the ONLY possible weakness on your team - the quarterback play - and thinking about drafting a QB? Kaepernick is good for a big run some games with perhaps a couple more first downs with 10-yard runs as well. But add that to his passing and what do you have? Not even with an all-star receiving corps, fantastic running game, and the NFL's stiffest defense can he lead them all the way.

What is San Francisco's answer for next year? What holes do you fill that didn't propel you to the top this year? They drafted a safety in the first round and acquired Bolden to shore up the receiving corps. With a conventional pocket-passer, I think the Niners would have been unstoppable this year. Joe Montana seems to agree with me. If Matt Ryan, Philip Rivers, Tony Romo, or Sam Bradford led that team I bet they would be looking like the next Aaron Rodgers right now.

RG3 and Vick are unhealthy, Newton and Kaepernick aren't winning the biggest games, and other mobile-QB types haven't worked out in the past. I remember seeing Daunte Culpepper manhandling teams but he couldn't stay healthy either. Based on the NFL trends I've seen, Russell Wilson is absolutely doomed when he steps foot in New York. The Legion of Boom is going to have to deal with perhaps the best aerial attack in NFL history, and I honestly don't think that even Deion or Jerry's all-star teams would be able to stop Manning right now. Sherman and company are NOT going to stop Manning and it is going to be up to Wilson to deliver a touchdown every quarter to win this one. I don't think Lynch will be able to save him, I really don't.

This picture:

Is Sherman opening the floodgates here for show-boating? His post-game interview was shocking... At this point the NFL can either take measures to censor it or we're gonna start seeing WWE NFL interviews...