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Make Your Skin Feel On Fire? Dermarose

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9/20/2014 5:34:58 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
f you are like most men and women in this country and the world, you might have shaved your face or legs. In some of these times, you can have your skin feel like its on fire. Maybe because it's the first time that you shaved your face or you have worn a beard for so long and your face just isn't used to the kind of razor or you got too close. Dermarose The skin on women's legs are every sensitive to most types of razors and also the kinds of shaving lotions that they will use. If they find out that their skin is sensitive, they will have to make sure that they use only the lotions that are made for this reason and to also make sure that they use a razor that is made for this condition also. Men can also have this sensitive skin also, but they usually don't have to do the same thing as a woman. Dermarose If a man has sensitive skin they will have a lot of trouble finding aftershave lotions that they can use. These can also make your skin feel like it's on fire. They say that you want to have your skin feel this way after you shave your face because it means that your pores are awake. No, I think it means that you have torn your pores open, and they are trying to tell you that you did something wrong!