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Way too early CFB predictions?

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6/11/2015 1:09:37 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Ok, I'm kind of new here so I hope I do this correctly. Are any of you ready to make a prediction on who will win the College Football National Championship this upcoming season?

I have no good reason to pick against the Ohio State Buckeyes to repeat. Anyone else?
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7/15/2015 3:57:58 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
---Ohio State will win the Big 10.
1)Urban Meyer wins everywhere and often.
---Alabama will win the SEC.
1)Top rated recruiting class and the SEC is overrated.(Not bad, but overrated)
---USC(mild dark horse) to win the Pac 12
1)Tough conference to win. Oregon always seems obvious and looks indestructable for a while, but lacks something down the stretch. Looks like they are sprinters and not distance runners. Perhaps you need some or a lot of both to win it all.
---Clemson will win the ACC.
1)FSU breaking in new QB. Didn't look "elite" even with Winston last year. Had many flashes of resilliance, but showed no ability to outrun opponents which forced them to fight to the death too many times. That's not a recipe for going undefeated and beating two dominant non ACC teams in a row in a playoff. And add that Winston is gone.
2)Clemson ended last year strong, and seemed closely equal to SEC, Georgia and FSU with Winston. They manhandled Oklahoma, proving they at worst are a team who can find a home at the top of the ACC realistically.
3)Georgia Tech is tough and uses an offense that seems to have game winning traits that are complex to counter. They could win the ACC, but I always have a sneaky feeling that if they make the playoff, their round 1 opponent will have too long to prepare for their offense, will slow it down, and Tech will be unable to score fast enough or enough in general to fight off a team who is well blessed in its abilities to score in mass.
---TCU will win the Big 12.
1)OU is good when their QB is good. Right now, they don't have that going for them. Ou is above average at best, and that's about it. If the QB transfer from Texas Tech(Mayfield)gets the job at QB and has quick adjustment skills, OU will have half of what they need and that's an unknown maybe. They also need for their new Offensive Coach from East Carolina University to deliver and adjust quickly. The equation for their one season 360 degree turnaround of conference title worthy success will consist of a lot of things and personel meshing and combining quickly in a way that only compatable, driven people with very specific mental and physical gifts will be able to complete successfully. I find it improbable in just one year.
*TCU already has the proven personel to appear early on as the favorite. Elite QB. Strong offense. Uniquely tough defense proven able to shut down opponents or at worst keep their offense in position for success.
-Texas just isn't there yet. They are dangerous enough to be irritating for more consistant teams, but can't consistantly beat enough of those teams to win the Big 12. Next year maybe? I don't even see that, but time will tell.
2)Baylor is replacing at QB. First year QB's don't tend to sit on the throne at the end of year 1.(But it's possible)
Playoff Predictions
Alabama vs. Ohio State
Southern California vs. TCU
Ohio State vs. TCU
Ohio State
Ignoring problems doesn't make them go away.
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7/15/2015 4:15:32 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Some Possible Playoff Contender Dark Horses:
-Oklahoma State
1)Lying in the weeds with veteran players. Weren't bad last year, but not great. Should be improved and make it interesting. OU is down, Baylor replacing at QB. Texas is down. TCU may be their big obstacle.
1)Were very young last year and took it to another level as season progressed. No one manhandled them in conference play, not even the top of the SEC. They have a new identity and talent galore. They may be back.
Ignoring problems doesn't make them go away.