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Are referees ruining soccer/futbol?

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7/20/2015 5:40:05 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
The Gold Cup is going on now, and for the most part, referring has been solid. There were no controversial calls deciding games, and the players ha some freedom on the pitch.

And then that changed yesterday during the Mexico Costa Rica match. Not only did Mexico get a penalty by flopping, the guy who drew the penalty (Oribe Peralta) committed a hard foul 10 minutes earlier that was ignored by the referees. Mexico ended up winning 1-0 and thus advanced to face Panama.

This was not the first referee failure of the week, as on Saturday during the Orlando City New York match, a phantom red card was issued to Orlando, which sent them down to 10 men. New York ended up winning 2-0 but the outcome probably would have been much different if Orlando were at full strength.

Now I ask, is referring damaging the credibility of North American futbol? Could the fix be in by referees for a United States Mexico final?

Personally I don't think the fix is in, but the call was suspicious enough to make me at least consider the possibility it was.