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How to keep your computer secure

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4/19/2012 8:04:59 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Step 1: Use layered security!

Layer 1: Firewall (Make sure Windows Firewall is on. Start, control panel, System and Security(or security center in XP) and Windows Firewall)
Layer 2: Anti-Virus (Avast, MSE, AVG are good, I use MSE, all free.)
Layer 3: Anti-malware (Malwarebytes, IObit Malware Fighter are both good and free.)

Step 2: Updates
Install all updates! Check weekly for Windows Updates:
Windows Vista & 7: Start, search: Windows Update, click check for new updates
Windows XP: Start, Control Panel, Security Center, turn on automatic updates.
Check for updates for third party applications.

This is essential to a computer's health.
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