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Computer Guide

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12/5/2009 10:45:41 PM
Posted: 8 years ago
1. Uninstall all antivruses using add/remove programs

2. Download & Install Avira (Use Default settings, do not register) - Found here ==>

3. Update avira by "Doing a quick scan after install)

4. Double click the white and red umbrella in the system tray
Click the Administrative Tab on the left sidebar
Click the Scheduler Button
Check the Complete system scan checkbox
Right click both the complete system scan job and click edit job
Click Next Twice
Change Local Hard Drives to Complete Sysem Scan
Click next
Change to Weekly, choose Monday and Thursday, check the "Repeat Job if time has expired" box
Click Next
Change to Invisible
Click Finish
Edit the update job
click next twice
click "Repeat Job if Time expired"
Set to daily
Click next
Change to invisible
Click Finish
Click the Local protection tab on the left, click the configuration link in the top right,
Check the expert mode box in the upper left
Click the plus on scanner
click the plus on scan
Click action for concerning files
Change to automatic and change to delete
Click Ok

5. Download and install malwarebytes

6. Update Malwarebytes by clicking the update tab

7. Do a full scan with malwarebytes and click show results then click remove infected restart if necessary

8. Download Autoruns
Extract all
Open Folder
Run Autoruns.exe
Click the agree
Hit the logon tab
After its finished loading delete everything EXCEPT CERTAIN THINGS REFER TO PICTURE (right click, delete) so that your logon tab is like this

9. Restart your computer

10. Enjoy the faster speed
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