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Extra Battery For ASUS N76VZ?

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2/19/2014 7:51:16 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Does anyone know where I can get an extra battery for my ASUS N76VZ Laptop? I got it for college and I'm thinking that I would like a second battery to keep in my backpack. I would rather get a replacement battery from ASUS because then it would be exactly the same as the one that I already have, but if I have to go with another brand then I guess that that will have to do. I checked , , and and none of them have batteries for the n76vz yet. Is there somewhere else that I can get a spare battery, is there a way to get one from ASUS, or should I just wait until one of these websites has batteries for the N76VZ? And if that is my only option, which site should I use, and do they make their own batteries, or do they get them from ASUS?"
Thank you