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New Anonymous Social Media

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3/14/2014 4:23:49 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
There is a new social media on the web horizon. It is called Duvamis. It seems like a media for sharing, communication and creative activities to all users worldwide,but one thing strikes out - it is completely anonymous. Users register only with their usernames and no personal data is ever collected.
I quite like the idea of keeping my privacy, so I registered the other day. At the beginning, it's a bit confusing. The interface is very different from everything I've seen before. The screen is divided into two. The right part is where everything is published and the left part is only for yourself. There, you write your comments, opinions, attitudes, etc. and then they are published on the right.
Also, you create the so called "virtual visions". These visions are meant to represent your interests, needs and ideas, but not your social characteristics. At first glance, they look like avatars.
Another innovative concept in Duvamis is the so called "Legion". There you can create legion, or group, of people, that is meant to be your own private island in today's cyber world. In the legion all decisions are taken through voting amongst its members. You all vote for legion's name, rules and interests, for new members, for shared library of documents and much more, in order to reclaim your own private world.
I see the launch of this new social media as a real opportunity for moving to the next level of online communication.
I'll be really glad if you share your comments, experience and opinions about this, so we find out whether there really is a need and room for anonymous social networks.