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DDO Tech Series - P0 - Introduction

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10/26/2015 4:35:32 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
DDO Tech Series - P0 -Introduction

The purpose of this series is to introduce users to a number of technologies related to and necessary in creating a functioning website. Each thread in the series will contain a topic (singular or related technologies) with a subject similar to this one (DDO Tech Series - Px - Title). Users are encouraged to not only ask questions, or post issues they are having, but to discuss the topic at-hand. Why use this or that. Why it works at all etc. It is not intended for me (or anyone else) to talk AT you, so I will try to keep the initial post thin, allowing for discussions to evolve.

Because of some of the technical issues using the forum software to post code, we will be working with a number of external sites. Google docs, jsFiddle and Amazon Cloud at this point, but others may become necessary (we may like to get into an entire series about things like GIThub and collaborative development). Any topics that users would like to add, say graphics etc., can be added to the series.

The first (P1) of this series will be about setting-up a local web server for development. It will cover IIS (for windows users) and Apache (MAC Linux) users.
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3/21/2018 4:52:05 AM
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