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Windows Scam

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10/28/2010 2:53:07 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
A few minutes ago I got a phone call from some nice Indian man stating that there is a problem with the internet connections of Windows computers. With fresh memories of some previously bad connections, I went along with it, booting up my desktop, hitting ctrl + r and typing in "eventvwr". Then a program I've never heard of before came up, with thousands (yes, thousasnds) of lines, most saying "Information", others saying "error" or "warning". He then connected me to a more tech savvy individual, who had to hang up when he asked me if I was over-18.

A quick Google search told me it was a flat-out scam

So, boys and girls, when an Indian asks you to boot-up you computer and to open Windows Event Viewer, don't do it. Perhaps record the hapless charlatan before continuing on with your life?
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11/5/2010 9:17:32 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
I would absolutely LOVE for one of these people to call me. PLEASE LET THEM DO IT. Thanks for the heads up panda. I'm running a VOIP telephone system here. I'm on Windows 7 though. I'm sure I could waste at least twenty minutes of their time.

Please, please, please let them ring me.
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