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Who wants to talk about Software Development?

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3/7/2016 11:45:59 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
...or is there anyone of you interested or who has already built a software. I studied in AMA Computer Learning Center Los Banos branch and I learned almost all programming languages but I fell in love with VB.NET and Java the most. Most softwares that I built are for home use only, and trying to build a system.

...and if you need any help, just post it here.
If computers have no doors or fences, who needs Windows and Gates?

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4/17/2016 8:47:27 PM
Posted: 11 months ago
At 3/7/2016 11:45:59 AM, CodingSource wrote:
...VB.NET and Java the most: ...and if you need any help, just post it here.
Software is 'uncountable' so the word is neither singular nor plural. You can't have 'a software' or 'softwares'

I doubt very much that being exposed to 'all languages' and learning all languages are the same thing, and I doubly doubt this if you came away from the experience with either VB or Java as your favorite languages

I actually quit one of my jobs because they wanted to go from MSVC++ to VB (back in the 90s). It wasn't that I hated VB (although I had some serious issues with how they were planning to use it) it was more that the decision was personally motivated by a schmuck who couldn't code his way out of a wet paper bag and would result in those of us who could program having to resolve thousands of issues with hardware in a factory environment just so he got some kickbacks.

Java... well I'll just reference 'bitter java' and let you look up the problem for yourself. Coding a linear algebra library using the SJPG resulted in a complex piece of code that was so slow it was useless.
Math is just another language, however one without analogy.